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The value of cross cultural communication consulting and education is not limited to one specific country, industry, or business, as evidenced by our partial client list:

  • American Society for Clinical Pathology
  • Chicago-Kent College of Law
  • Chicago Public Schools
  • Focused Health Solutions
  • Hilton Chicago
  • Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration
  • Jupiter Oxygen Corporation
  • Motorola, Inc.
  • Professional Conventional Management Association
  • Stuart School of Business
  • Where Magazine Chicago


Your close connections, international knowledge, strategic sense, proffessionalism and business savvy were critical for us to reach our goal of entering the international arena.

Mark Schoenfield, VP & General Counsel
Jupiter Oxygen Corporation

Insightful grasp of multi-ethnic interactions, tailored to our specific requirements, created an upbeat environment for learning. You supplied participants with the tools and strategies necessary for cultural adaptation in the US workplace.

Manuel J. Medina, Officer
Office of Language and Cultural Education
Chicago Public Schools

CultureConnect's valuable coaching session provided me with the cross-cultural competence and confidence necessary in conducting business in the Japanese market.

Thomas J. Loughlin, General Manager
 Hilton Chicago

Case Study #1

Global Introduction: Privately-held company introducing and selling its new technological development

The Challenge: Achieve international presence at a global conference restricted to international government agencies, non-governmental organizations and their member businesses. As a private corporation, our client was unable to participate at the targeted conference, and sought to distribute their information for exposure through the attending participants representing their governments and agencies.

Timeframe: 2.5 months to successful completion


  • 13 Private Meetings with Consulate and Trade Commission secured
  • Participation at the Conference Achieved
  • Matchmaking meetings with interested foreign governments and busines secured in advance of departure for the Conference
  • Secured Invitations for International Presentations through Conference attendees

Our Illinois-based client had pioneered development of a new oxy-fuel combustion technology. Their goal was to introduce this technology at the United Nations Framework Climate Change Conference's information-sharing and gathering meeting of nations and agencies in Europe concerned with Global Environmental Policy (Kyoto Protocol Conference precursor).

Their efforts in marketing the technology had been purely domestic. CultureConnect used its diplomatic connections and cross-cultural business savvy to introduce our client to the members of the Consular Corps representing their nations in the Midwest.

The process was for the principals of CutureConnect to meet with the pre-selected heads of the Consular Corps and Trade Commission located in Chicago in order to introduce our client and their new technology and to gain commitment to meet with the Client Team for further discussions. Country-specific briefings were prepared and pre-meeting coaching conducted so that the Client Team entered the subsequent meetings confident in their ability to maneuver with the appropriate protocol and cultural business strategy required at this level of international interaction. CultureConnect's presence and reputation at the subsequent meetings accelerated the relationship building and initiated requests for further diplomatic, government, and foreign based business connections and meetings. Working as part of the client team, CultureConnect's tenacity resulted in locating a non-governmental organization through which the client company would attend the Conference as an active participant. CultureConnect's further involvement included working through US government and diplomatic Corps channels to obtain meetings in Europe with leaders of attending delegations to the Conference.

The result is our client is self-reliant regarding their cultural business interactions and successfully negotiating sales of their technology in Europe and Asia .

Case Study #2

Chicago Public Schools Foreign Teacher Acculturation

The Challenge: Acculturate fifteen teachers from Spain , entering the USA for the first time on three year work visas to the cultural elements impacting multi-cultural classroom management, parent-teacher interactions, and the US school hierarchy relationships.

Timeframe: 2 weeks from engagement request to seminar delivery


  • Achieved understanding of cultural elements impacting multi-cultural classroom management (Asian, Hispanic, African American, Caucasian student population)
  • Prepared teachers for USA patterns of parent-teacher interaction
  • Outlined USA public school administrative levels and compared and contrasted with Spain
  • Imparted adaptation strategies for successful overseas relocation
Working with the Office of Language and Cultural Education department of the Chicago Public Schools, we conducted a needs analysis of the teacher population as it related to acclimation into both the CPS system and the USA culture.

We designed and developed a half-day, interactive workshop geared to equipping the teachers with the knowledge, strategies, and skills required to operate confidently and effectively in their new environment.

The teachers work experience prior to arrival, consisted of interacting with a mostly homogenous population totally in contrast to working in the multi-ethnic US school environment. Our process of acculturation to the USA included exploring their pre-conceived notions of the USA in general, then discussing USA regional differences, and finally Midwestern cultural characteristics. This progressed to examining the varieties of ethnic cultures that would be found in the Chicago classrooms and neighborhoods in which they would work and live.

From experience, care was taken to build a session accommodating differing levels of English language command, cultural learning style differences, and professional background variations. We patterned our teaching style to reflect the style of the best of American classrooms creative, energetic, participative, and process oriented

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