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All selections can be specifically tailored to your needs. They are presented individually or combined depending on the timeframes and competency needs of the audience. All selections are interactive and can be presented as either workshops or individual coaching sessions. If you would like a workshop or a coaching session on a topic that is not listed, please let us know.

The Culture Factor
Examine the concept of culture and its characteristics, create a model that provides a framework for evaluation of behaviors, and explore the change dynamic in terms of regionalism, urbanization, generation, technology, and gender.

Multi-Cultural Team Building
Examine and determine how cultural lenses impact teamsmanship by evaluating team members values as they relate to accepted norms. Analysis of intact teams and current situations are discussed, and next steps for effectiveness are generated by participants.

Challenges of Managing a Culturally Diverse Team
Leading in a global society requires a finely tuned set of skills. Using surveys and interactive activities, analyze team culture, learn how to improve team performance, and begin to establish cross-culturally competent feedback skills.

Conducting Business with Cultural Savvy
Gain insights into thinking within a culturally diverse context. Explore how the country-specific beliefs and values will impact your business strategies and behaviors. Deal directly with business issues already in play or scenario plan based on available data.

International Visitors and Business Protocol
Protocol is defined as a code prescribing strict adherence to correct etiquette and precedence. Through interactive scenarios and demonstrations, learn and employ country-specific protocol including the etiquette of acceptable business and social behavior. Topics include titles and forms of address, official greetings, meeting formalities, proper attire, gift exchange and entertaining. Working with interpreters and translators, as well as basic communication tips will be covered.
Networking in a Global Environment
Recognize the impact of communication styles on relationship building and business development.  Learn approaches that translate to success across different cultures.
Customer Service in a Multi-Cultural Environment
Customer service becomes more complicated in a multi-cultural environment.  Examine customers' pereptions/expectations of quality in product, service, and people and how that relates to market share and corporate policies.  Emphasis will be on skills practice supported by videos, role plays, and questionnaires.

"The Cultural Divide" - Long Distance Communicating
In the absence of physical cues such as facial expressions and body language, it sometimes feels like we are missing a puzzle piece in the communication game. Examine common challenges including misinterpreting silence, foreign language nuance, discomfort with technology, and hierarchy mistakes. Learn how to handle fax, telephone, letter writing, and email in a culturally sensitive manner.

Cross-Cultural Competency Assessment
Assessment of your organization, team, or individual cultural competence. Assessment involves reviewing current practices through surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews. Evaluation of outcomes is presented. Further consultation to build a strategic approach for leveraging cultural competence is available.

Cross Cultural Competence Coaching
Maximize your performance when interacting with multi-ethnic visitors, business associates, and colleagues. Examine your own cultural parameters through an in-sessions assessment. Work with a cultural coach to address areas which contribute to ineffective work relationships, operational errors, and revenue loss.

Foreign Assignments: The Expatriate Experience
This training is to make integration and adaptation to a new culture as easy as possible. The goal of the session is to give participants the skills and knowledge they need to make confident choices in their new environment. A highly flexible and custom tailored offering are built with client input.

Since there are different needs for single employees, employees with spouses, and employees with families, CultureConnect works with the company and individuals to provide the appropriate focus.

Repatriation: Welcome Home
The effect of change on individuals and families upon completion of an international assignment is profound. The return home can be made more successful by helping returnees to examine the changes which have occurred in both their personal and professional lives, as well as in their native country itself. Strategies for re-adaptation are presented.

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